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Phenix Girl

Every once in a while I stumble upon a picture and I do not understand [...]

The late bus

The night has fallen over Rosario, Argentina’s most dangerous city. A late bus makes a [...]

Got the Blues under the rain

I like to play with colors. I saw the girl standing at the crossroad and [...]

Anticipation and patience

Two virtues of a street photographer are anticipation and patience. Analyzing a scene and people’s [...]

New gallery – Rosario colors

Uploaded a new gallery with shots of Rosario where color is the main subject of [...]

Red Hair Shopping

Downtown Rosario, daughter and mother shop for a late Father’s day gift. How do I [...]

Día de la bandera

Argentina celebrates its “Flag Day” every year on the 20th of June, sort of a [...]

In the heat of the night

Rosario has a bad fame in Argentina. Violent crime and murders happen daily. We sometimes [...]

Stalker by accident

I was going through my archive today and two pictures caught my attention. Looking closer [...]

Gang at San Marcos Sierra

In the small hippy town of San Marcos Sierra, a 1970’s car drives by the [...]