fisherman at sunset in rosario argentina by parana river pescador

The desired loneliness of fishermen

The world belongs to those who get up early, right ? It appliesĀ  both to fishermen … and photographers I suppose. Last Saturday, I decided to get up early and drive to Rosario for an early outing. My idea was to take pictures downtown and find these spots where the sun hits early in the street. Yet, as I drove on the highway entering the city I noticed that the Parana River was covered with a very low band of clouds moving very fast. I therefore changed my itinerary and started walking by the riverfront where a dozen fishermen were already bravely enduring the cold weather. After taking a few pictures, I noticed that I could line up the sun, its reflection on the water and the silhouette of fishermen. I also noticed an elevated sidwalk that would help me get a higher vantage point of view. I am especially fond of high points of view since it allows you to have clean separation between your main subject and the background. Finally, I needed a subject and spotted this isolated fisherman. I then carefully placed myself so thT the fishermen silhouette would overlap the sun reflection in the water. I was set and after some patience, the sun finally peeked through the clouds, it was to time to click !

Rosario – Leica M10 with 35mm Summilux at F4.0, ISO200, 1/4000.

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