tales of superheroes at mc donalds in buenos aires spiderman captain america dressed up kids

Tales of superheroes

This picture was taken on Avenida Corrientes, which is the main street for entertainment in Buenos Aires. Be it musicals, plays for adults, or comics show for teens, the wide avenue if full of billboards and neons and makes it a great place for street photography. Also, it is not unusual to stumble upon young people dressed up like their favorite heroes.

While walking the Avenue, I spotted three superheroes coming towards me. I took a first “in your face” type of shot, but I wasn’t quick enough so they spotted me and were all smiles. Not a bad picture but I don’t like when my presence is seen and influences the picture. I had the 35mm Summilux at F1,4 on my M10 to get that wide angle look and out of focus background.

super heroes spiderman captain america buenos aires avenida corrientes

I went on with my walk down Avenida Corrientes but finally decided to return to the Obelisco which is the most busy part of the city. When I got there 30 minutes later, I spotted three superheroes inside a Mc Donalds have a passionate talk. At the time, I wasn’t sure it was the same teens I had shot before. Things happen so fast in street photography that you don’t remember every single person you take a picture of precisely. Also note that they had taken off their sweater, which might have led to the confusion.  I quickly switched my lens to the 60mm Konica Hexanon since I thought it would provide better compression and allow me to remain unspotted. I opened the aperture to F1.2 so the less interesting background of the Mc Donald’s would be out of focus.

I got time to take two pictures before being spotted.


The first two are candids and I really like the second one since it shows the joy and passion of this teens. It really seems like they feel like superheroes and are enjoying a great moment between friends. The bokeh is smooth and the reflection of light bulbs creates a festive atmosphere.

Finally, I got spotted but again, it was all smiles ! It was only when I downloaded the pictures on my computer that I realized it was the same teens.

super heroes all smiles teens buenos aires captain america spiderman

These pictures show what I believe in and enjoy shooting in street photography. Humanism, moments in life with a artsy spin!


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