Making of a Shot Paris

First date at the pizzeria

It is 10pm in the Marais neighbourhood in Paris. The neon lights of a pizzeria attract our attention, there is a “Blueberry Nights” atmosphere hovering around the place, so we get in and sit at the only availabe table. Next to us, by the window, a couple of young people [...]

Argentina Making of a Shot

Tales of superheroes

This picture was taken on Avenida Corrientes, which is the main street for entertainment in Buenos Aires. Be it musicals, plays for adults, or comics show for teens, the wide avenue if full of billboards and neons and makes it a great place for street photography. Also, it is not [...]

Argentina Making of a Shot

The desired loneliness of fishermen

The world belongs to those who get up early, right ? It applies  both to fishermen … and photographers I suppose. Last Saturday, I decided to get up early and drive to Rosario for an early outing. My idea was to take pictures downtown and find these spots where the [...]

Argentina Making of a Shot

Phenix Girl

Every once in a while I stumble upon a picture and I do not understand what is going on. I guess it will be the case of many viewers in the case of this “fire girl” scene. Some people from Rosario that know the place will eventually figure it out [...]

Argentina Making of a Shot

The late bus

The night has fallen over Rosario, Argentina’s most dangerous city. A late bus makes a quick stop in lower downtown. A passenger jumps out like he suddenly has become the prey. He will rush home, lock himself up and won’t go back out until the next day. This picture was [...]


Got the Blues under the rain

I like to play with colors. I saw the girl standing at the crossroad and spotted the incoming bus. Just as I clicked, someone walked in my field of view. Yet, sometimes street photographers get lucky, the umbrella was also blue. Taken in Rosario, Argentina, with Leica M10 and 35mm [...]





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