yanidel street photographer




I am a passionate photographer who runs a daily photo blog with writings on street photography technique and gear. After four years of shooting in Paris, I embarked on a 80 weeks around the world trip to shoot street photography. Since then, I have been based in Rosario, Argentina since 2013. 

I consider myself part of the Humanist tradition yet, diverging from a purely documentary approach, I try to give a surrealist and lyric dimension to the little facts of our daily life, trying to blend in some humour and a positive spin from time to time.



  “Paris vu par Yanidel”  – a series of 17 large prints at Paris CDG and Orly airports until 2017
 Paris CDG Yanidel Exhibition IV


Sawasdee (Thai Airways)
Going Places (Malaysian Airways)
Photoech Magazine
My Little Box
ISP Magazine
L’Instant Parisien.




For commercial or personal inquiries, please send an email to : yanidel@fastmail.fm