Index of all the writings related to street photography technique available on this website:


An extreme definition of street photography.
The best superfast M lens ever at F1.4?
Not sure you have a style ? Find out in this article.
Undecided about which focal length to choose ? Here are a few tips to help you decide.
New to street photography ? Here is a listing to help you out.
Want to improve your exposure ? Go all manual.
Increase your hit rate in manual focus.
Absract, classic, modern, … among others.
Our eyes are biased, learn why.
The author of the iconic “The Americans” also had bad outings.
A few tips before you hit the street.
Good scenes are few, don’t fall to click addiction as you wait for them
Ready to click, have you thought about everything ?
A few tips on how to take pictures without altering the scene.
As Capa said: “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you are not close enough”
Someone is pissed at you after you shot him, here is how to deal with it.
You eyes ain’t seeing the world in Black and White, right ?
Sometimes, better stop shooting and go back to bed
Tired of looking constantly at your LCD screen, this is for you.
Some free time ? Grab a book
Shot 700 pictures today, you might suffer of click addiction.
Find out whether you are a frugal or nostalgic street photographer.
Ready to take out your black Ninja outfit, read that first.
A series about some of the best street photographers
Articles on equipment and lens reviews
Questions about street photography answered by readers
A series of interviews of street photographers that I met during our 80 weeks trip around the world or on the internet.
Tips, thoughts on shooting in other countries

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