bus jumper rosario argentina colectivo cuidad a la noch

The late bus

The night has fallen over Rosario, Argentina’s most dangerous city. A late bus makes a quick stop in lower downtown. A passenger jumps out like he suddenly has become the prey. He will rush home, lock himself up and won’t go back out until the next day.

This picture was taken from my car while I was stopped at a red traffic light. My initial idea was to isolate the car on the right bottom corner and use the store grate and orange light to create an abstract picture. So I was upsed when the bus suddenly entered the frame and stopped. I waited for it to go but suddenly my trafic light turned green, it was time to drive away. I reluctantly reframed to include the bus and quicky clicked before taking off. Only when I downloaded the picture did I notice the man jumping off, and it becomes the key element of the picture and my favorite one of Rosario so far this year.

Taken with Leica M10 and 60mm Hexanon at F1.2, 1/180, ISO 6400.

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