1966 Ford Falcone

A great thing about Argentina is that you still see quite a few vintage cars in the streets, such as the legendary Ford Falcon. Therefore, you often get the feeling to be suddenly teleported in the past and likely end up in the middle of a James Dean movie. (click on picture to enlarge) Leica […]

On Rosario’s dock

Early morning on the docks of Rosario. A few old timers and kids comings and goings presage a miraculous fishing. And it is, the lines pull out out of the brown waters one fish after another. Some will be sold instantly for a few bucks, other will be granted a new freedom and most will […]

Coffee and croissant

One of the nice tradition that was kept by European immigrants is the coffee and croissant breakfast. Even if it means that the store must be left unattended for a few minutes, there is no morning without it. I wish you all a Happy New Year ! (click on picture to enlarge) Leica M9 with […]

The return game

The local team has reached the semi final of the regional league playoff this year. The away game was won without a minute of play. Before the game, boosters from the opposing team tried to persuade the ref to let their squad win. When he refused, he was hit and the game cancelled. Argentina is […]

The Island

In the middle of the Parana river, lay large islands. Long strips of earth that will surrender to nature once or twice in a decade. Tree tops will remain, the rest will be water. These lands are hostile to the visitor, but you’ll find sometimes here and there, a place to dock and a little […]