Paradise City

The main shopping street in Rosario, Calle Cordoba, looks like any main street of a Spanish or Italian city. And like in any part in the world, when comes special sales time, it becomes a woman’s Paradise City. (click on picture to enlarge) Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F8.0, 1/750, ISO200

Hit the road

Truck loaded, the four decades old engine starts to roar. Sunglasses will take care of the sunset. Time to hit the road.  (click on picture to enlarge) Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron at F2.0, 1/350, ISO160

Good old times

A fruit merchant talking with passion about his decades old brass scale. Not all business here might have the most up to date technology, but for sure some of their vintage equipment could sell for little fortunes in Europe’s antique markets. Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron at F2.0, 1/125, ISO800

“Shoot through a window”

For those unaware of the Street Photography Now Project, it is a one year venture where street photographers are given an instruction weekly and must shoot accordingly.  This week’s instruction, proposed by photog Arif Asci, states the following : “Look for a window. Through a window, out of a window, or at reflections on a […]

The little superstar

It is 9am, the town slowly wakes up. In front of me a coffee and two small croissants freshly baked. It rained last night, but the colors of Argentina make it harder for grey tones to prevail. I look out the window, I see depth, the curtain and the brick wall could border a shot. […]

New column : Critique-a-shot

Today is the first post of a new column : Critique-a-shot. On a weekly basis, I’ll write a critique of one or several pictures, be them mine or more interestingly, the ones submitted by readers. (see “how to submit” in the section after the critique). Indeed, every once in a while, we shoot a picture […]

How to deal with angry people in street photography ?

As you stroll along the streets of a city and shoot strangers, every once in a while people will get angry at you for taking their picture. It is understandable, street photography is quite an obtrusive act towards your fellow citizens. You scrutinize them, interpret their behavior and decide whether their doings are worthy to […]

On top of the city

Located on the shores of the Parana river in Rosario, the Monumento Nacional a la bandera (Flag’s monument) is a structure that glorifies the foundation of Argentina in 1812. It boasts a 70 meters high tower where one can enjoy a breathtaking view over the River and Rosario’s cityscape. (click here to see a wonderful […]