How to deal with angry people in street photography ?

As you stroll along the streets of a city and shoot strangers, every once in a while people will get angry at you for taking their picture. It is understandable, street photography is quite an obtrusive act towards your fellow citizens. You scrutinize them, interpret their behavior and decide whether their doings are worthy to […]

On top of the city

Located on the shores of the Parana river in Rosario, the Monumento Nacional a la bandera (Flag’s monument) is a structure that glorifies the foundation of Argentina in 1812. It boasts a 70 meters high tower where one can enjoy a breathtaking view over the River and Rosario’s cityscape. (click here to see a wonderful […]

Newell’s Old Boys

Newell’s Old Boys is one of the two main football clubs in Rosario. Theses Boys really did look old tonight as they showcased a very lousy performance versus U. Catholica from Chile. Hopefully, there were a few girls in the stands to cheer up the attendance. (click on picture to enlarge) Sigma DP2 at 40mm, […]

13 ways to shoot candids

A candid picture is in my opinion the ultimate goal in street photography. By candid, one means taking a shot where the presence of the photographer does not alter the scene. Indeed, people have a tendency to modify their behavior when they find themselves being photographed. Some will smile, others will look away while most […]

10 reasons why Mar del Plata is a street photographer’s paradise

When one thinks about street photography destinations, cities such as New York and Paris come up as the metropolis that have attracted the most street photographers over the last century. Though obviously, any city will do for street photography, there are special places where one find itself completely at ease. That was my case in […]


Probably a thrilling feeling to some to be on the back seat of a bad boy’s motorcycle.  (click on picture to enlarge) Leica M9 with 35mm Summilux Asph at F1.4, 1/500, ISO400