Monthly Archives: March 2013

The little girl in the window

Being photographed is still a game to kids. Adults already fell in the world of [...]

At the taxi stand

Outside Rosario’s bus station, a woman sits at the taxi stand. She won’t boast board [...]


The speed boat race

One has to be the tallest to watch the fastest? I initially processed this picture [...]

Sitting in a crowd

Sitting in a large crowd won’t enable you to share your problems. (Click on picture [...]

The day the elephant crushed the mouse….

… the ambulanceman ran away. No, this ain’t no old Swiss saying, just surrealism. (Click [...]

Spot the odd ones: filter or no filter ?

The use of filters, HDR, cropping and cloning tools is often debated in street photography. [...]

Sho(r)t Stories #9 : Andrea Monti

Italy is our destination this week with exceptionally two Sho(r)t Stories by Andrea Monti of [...]


The Queen of the track

Car races in Argentina are quite surprising. Not only because most cars that run there [...]

De(connected) generation ?

Great to see that Ipads, cell phones and playstations have not yet completely killed magazines, [...]

Weekly poll #15 : Which is your favourite type of photography aside from street ?

Though I suppose that most readers of this blog are especially interested by street photography, [...]