Sho(r)t Stories #9 : Andrea Monti

Italy is our destination this week with exceptionally two Sho(r)t Stories by Andrea Monti of Pescara.

Quis custodies – GR Digital III

The last Waltz – GR Digital III

What is the sho(r)t story?

Quis custodies: Well, I was wandering around Rome and, while heading at Monte Citorio (the Italian Parliament) I crossed the square where Palazzo Chigi (the primeministership official headquarter) is located. All of a sudden I was aware of the oddity of the picture: a sentinel, and a police officer watching the watcher. Hence the title of the photo: Quis custodies ipsos custodes? (Who will control the controller?)

The Last Waltz: During a comeback to my hometown (Pescara) I was hit by the power of this image. A funeral ceremony is ready to start, just waiting for the minister to come. The black, cloacked figure, nevertheless, suggests that another (kind of) guest is coming.

Why are these some of your favorite pictures ?

Quis custodies: Because is funny. Neither the sentinel nor her "watchdog" look particulary tough or intimidating (boared to dead, I would say, on the contrary)

The Last Waltz: Because is (at least to me) a hit in the stomach.

Which equipment did you use, and any technical considerations?

In both cases: A simple Ricoh GR Digital III in RAW. The camera was in S-mode set at 1/1000 to allow the shooting-while-walking. A few Photoshop strokes fixed the horizon, the exposure and a bit of HL recovery.

Tell us about you and your photography?

I'm a lawyer and a free-lance journalist. As a lot of people that fall in love with photography I have been striken by the "gear acquisition syndrome". Now is gone and I shoot with whatever camera comes at hand. Usually, the Ricoh that I always carry with me and, when I want to "go retro" a Voigtlander Bessa R2 with a CZ Biogon 35/2,8

Discover more of Andrea's work at : (mainly street-photography)
If you would like to participate to this series, send me an email at with the following information :
– your name and location
– title of photograph (if any + equipment used)
– one of your favorite picture  (max width of 1280 pixels, you obviously retain all the pictures copyright)
– answers to the above questions .
– any links to your work (website, Flickr, Facebook, …)


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