Weekly poll #3 : What is your main focus method for street photography ?

Setting focus is a critical part in street photgraphy since there is generally not much time to do so. Let's therefore have a look at how you mainly focus your camera while shooting in the streets.  As usual, feel free to comment in the section below to share any insights on this topic. (poll is closed)

I zone focused to get this shot on Les Champs-Elysées and it does show the challenge to do so with a wide aperture such as F2.0

Leica M9 with 50mm Summicron at F2.0, 1/750, ISO160  – I zone focused to get this shot and it does show the challenges to do so wide open.

Coming back to last week's poll (which is your main camera to shoot street photography), rangefinders seem to be a street photographers' favorite since it gathered about 40% of the votes (well, there is a small Leica bias on this website). M4/3 came in second with 25% of the votes, while surprisingly reflexes only got 20% of the votes. Finally, though all you hear lately is about Instagram, only 4% of respondents use a phone as main street camera.

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