The gymnastics of street photography

While shooting in Paris, I estimate that I walk an average of 10 kilometers per day with peaks at 15kms. Quite a way to stay fit, especially since stretching is also part of the game. Indeed, have a look at the shot below and imagine my position when taking the picture. The answer will be found in the second shot, courtesy of fellow street photographer Thomas C. which I had the pleasure to meet yesterday.

At almost two meters all, I still had to raise on my toes to get the point of view I wanted. Why is it so ? Because I love when my subjects clearly stand out from the background. I wanted the girl's head to be completely surrounded by the Seine River. A couple of centimeters below, and I would not have gotten the shot I was after.

Both images taken with Leica M9, first with 35mm Lux Asph and second with 35mm Cron IV.

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