Hire a street photographer for your wedding

About to get married and looking for a photographer ? Well, your task just got more difficult because I strongly recommend you to hire two of them. Indeed, you'll need a regular wedding photographer for all the cheesy stuff and the masterpiece that will throne for decades (hopefully) on the top of your living room's chimney. He will also make sure that nobody is forgotten, even 102 years old Aunt Annie, and rightly have a place in the 657 pages album proudly titled "The happiest day of our life".

Yet if you want a real feel of how the wedding went, hire a street photographer too. No guidelines, no restrictions and, of course, free access to the bar. You'll get a few surprises for sure, such as Aunt Annie flirting with Uncle John under the cocktails table, yet this is the book you'll always look at and show your friends. (click on picture for high res)


Leica M9 with 35mm Lux Asph

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