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When Google Plus was launched, I wasn’t thrilled. I did not see the value and hassle of one more social network. A few months after, the reality is that Google Plus has done a lot of things right. The interface is sleek and has an interface that makes it is easier to manage your friends and contacts. I also like the fact that this is an informational network, leaving more personal stuff on the side. Finally, it seems to be best out there for photographers since pictures are rendered great and well presented. No surprise then that a large and active community of photographers is alrealy using that network.

For all these reasons, I have activated a page echoing this site. For those following me on other networks, you will have noticed that I am not a every minute poster, I basically replicate the entries that are made on this site. The idea behind is to allow those of you that use mainly social networks for their browsing to keep informed with what is happening on this site.

So, if Google Plus is your main social network and would like to add me to your circles, follow this link or click on the icon below. Otherwise, you can also opt to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, RSS or Flickr by clicking on the icons locate above.

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