11 phrases digital shooters will never tweet

Many film shooters love to tweet about how they enjoy this medium. Somehow, shooting film seems the trendy thing again and why not try entice digital photogs to  join the sect. So I wondered for a while what one could tweet if digital was the cool kid on the block. Here is the list I came up with :

– I used the Tri-W  Lightroom preset and push the exposure curve by two  stops.
– going  to my computer room to download 7 Kingston 16GB SD cards. Can’t wait to see the results.
– I  love the farty smell of my computer room and the light of my LCD screen in the dark.
– just bought some expired 2005 SanDisk 16MB SD cards. Happy.
– just acquired a new drawer to keep my  SD cards dry . Happy.

1 hour photo bombay

– My Imac 27″ is the best computer in town to process files. Highly recommended.
– I wish Floppy disks had not been discontinued.
– I  love the luminance noise at ISO1600.
– I carry a DingDang bag which allows me to easily carry a body, two lenses, and 46 Compact Flash cards.
– too bad Commodore went bankrupt.
– I can swap SD cards in 8.43 seconds in the dark, with both hands tied.

I guess one wouldn’t increase drastically his number of followers by doing so. So let’s forget about digital or film, why not just tweet about …. gear ?

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