Two years ago #1 : Habana

As suggested by a reader, and since I haven’t much time to dedicate to shooting lately,  I’ll dig into my archives and post new pictures from our 2011 round the world trip. I also link back to some articles I wrote at the time regarding each destination.

Two years ago we were in Cuba. In our first days in La Havana, I had the pleasure to meet local street photographer Orlando Garcia.  I then wandered the streets of the capital for several days and was amazed by the amount of kids playing in the streets. I guess there is definitely some good to a Playstation free world. (click on pictures for high res)

Cuban riders yanidel

Friends play Habana Yanidel

scooter girl Habana yanidel

Girls phone booth habana yanidel

kid trolley habana yanidel

All pictures with Leica M8 and 35mm Lux Asph

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