One year after

It is has been a bit more than one year that we returned from our 80 weeks around the world trip. The shot below in one of the very last taken during this journey, in Mumbai. Today,  I could not help remembering these days where I could wander freely all day long and shoot in so many great places.

Twelve months later, I am now married, father of new born and learning to manage a shoe manufacturing company. Needless to say that my photographic production has dwindled to almost zero. The passion and motivation is still here but I simply haven’t found much time to dedicate to shooting. And this is becoming a problem in running this blog. On one side, I feel the quality of pictures I have been posting is simply not up to the standard I expect from myself. So in this  regards, maybe a solution would be to put the website on a hiatus. But on the other side, I have put so much work in my website in the past that giving it up would be very disappointing.

So, please, bear with me. This is a transition period and pieces need to fall into place. I’ll keep on posting, maybe as a way to share what life in Argentina feels like. Don’t expect amazing pictures, just documentary moments I can grab here and there. Still, I expect to be able to shoot street photography more frequently very soon. A trip to Paris is coming up in October.

Bus drivers in Mumbai

Leica M9 with 35mm Lux Asph.

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