Idle times and Paris

Three weeks into my new dad job, my street photography output has definitely been reduced to close to zero. Indeed, the little one did not allow me to spend much time in the streets. Nevertheless, I am not completely idle and have taken the opportunity to make some order in my archives and think about some short and long term projects.

One of them is a street photography book on Paris. Actually, I already printed a few of them, but they are only drafts. I am pretty happy about the last one but still, it is not at the quality level I want it to evenutally be one day. So I have decided to wait: one year, two years … ten years, who knows. I don’t want to feel my book is good, I want it to be excellent. Yet to make it excellent, I need more pictures and to get more pictures …. I have to travel to Paris. So the news is that we will travel to Paris in October. And probably every year afterwards … until the book is complete. What a good excuse to make the trips last until 2023.

Paris terrace friends Yanidel

Paris – Leica M9 with 60mm Hexanon at F5.6, 1/90, ISO160

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