Poll : Through which social network do you read this blog ?

I started this blog now almost 5 years ago. What use to be a simple web address is now replicated on half a dozen social networks, be it Facebook, Flickr, G+, Twitter, …. Yes, it is nice to see exposure to one’s work increase, but apart from that, what is the real value ? I wonder whether it would not be better to focus my time to one social network. Gain of time, more interactions, better content would be part of the advantages. The main disadvantage would obviously be a loss of followers in the networks I would no longer support.

So, before I head this way and to help me take a decision, it would greatly appreciate if you could answer this simple poll.

[yop_poll id=”3″]


As for today’s picture, it shows social networks the real way : between friends, around a glass of wine.

Friends rodeo field

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