Sho(r)t Story #12 : Dominic Remane

New York City is this week’s setting for this picture by Dominic Remane from Toronto, Canada.

Into_The_Glowing_Light Dominic Remane
Into The Glowing Light – Leica M6 + Leica Summicron 50mm f/2 + Kodak T-Max 400 (Pushed to 1600 ISO)

What is the Sho(r)t Story?
I took this picture in November of 2012 when I was sent to New York City for a background plate shoot on a film I was working on. In the evenings, when I had some free time, I wandered around the city taking photos. I spent an evening around the Theatre District. I was just coming to the corner of 45th and 8th when I saw this gentlemen wrapped in the glowing light of the vendor stand. I snapped 3 of these photo’s and this one left an impression on me.

Why is this one of your favorite pictures ?
I love this photograph because for some reason it has this old classical New York vibe to it. Very little in this image says it’s a modern shot, apart from a ATM sign in the distance. It has this grainy, glowing, dreamy quality to it mixed with the contrasty and gritty feel of shots I’ve come to love from Daido Moriyama and William Klein.

Which equipment did you use, and any technical considerations?
For this shot I used my Leica M6 Classic and my Leica Summicron 50mm f/2 lens. This lens is brilliantly sharp with gorgeous bokeh and is my go-to lens for night photography.
As for the film it was shot on Kodak T-Max 400 and Pushed to 1600 ISO. Lab developed and scanned with the Epson V500 scanner. Some minor post work was done in Lightroom 4 mainly just contrast and highlight balancing.

Tell us about you and your photography?
I currently work in the film and television industry as a Digital Effect Supervisor. I’ve always been interested in photography but only within the last year and a half have I pushed hard and photographed every lunch hour. Rain, shine, snow, etc I’m out there walking the street’s with my camera in hand, looking for the decisive moment.
The first camera that inspired me to take more photo’s was the Sony NEX-7. Fantastic camera, great with Leica M lenses, and never get’s noticed. But eventually the Leica bug bit me and I got my hands on a mint M6. Since that moment I have been almost exclusively shooting film, and have recently dove into shooting motion picture film rolled into 24 exposure canisters and developing at home.
Shooting as much as I do has helped me grow as a photographer and as a Digital Effects Supervisor. Allowing me to understand limitations of lenses and optical characteristics to make digital effects shots feel real.

To discover more about Dominic’s work, here are some links :

This series is open to anybody, so if you’d like to participate,  send me an email at with the following information :
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– title of photograph (if any + equipment used)
– one of your favorite street picture  (max width of 1280 pixels, you obviously retain all copyrights to your pictures)
– answers to the above questions .
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