Sho(r)t Story #11 : Pelayo Gonzalez

Let visit Spain’s sea front this week with this graphical picture by Pelayo Gonzalez from Gijon. A sad story you would probably not guess by just looking at the bright colors.

Any submissions are welcome, please read instructions at end of article.


Nikon D700 with 50mm prime

What is the Sho(r)t Story?
This picture was taken the morning after a man in his thirties fell  from the cliffs and died during a crazy Friday night. I was already going back home after taking pictures of the people wandering around there. The atmosphere was full of sorrow despite the bright sun.
Why is this one of your favorite pictures ?

I love the colours here, I was very lucky that man was wearing that yellow coat against the blue sea. But the thing I really love is the fact that I am not sure if that man coming from behind the little hill was aware of the sad moment of if he just came wondering about his things after having a pee. I guess it is because the feeling that he is coming from nowhere between the green grass and the blue sea.
Which equipment did you use, and any technical considerations?
I took this shoot with a 50 mm prime lens on Nikon D700 which is my usual setting. It was a sunny day that allowed to have a large depth of field at f/11 and freeze the moment 1/2000.I was shooting at Aperture Priority mode as the light was totally constant. I just added a little bit of contrast in Lightroom using one of my personal presets.
Tell us about you and your photography?
I am a Ph.D. student of Economics and currently living in Gijón (Spain). I mostly do portraits and street photography.
I usually l prefer ambiguous pictures, or those filled by a touch of humour. Lately I am trying to use more colour in my street photographs as it is a really big challenge in terms of composition. This probably causes more pictures ending in the bin, but I think those working are way more powerful.
If you would like to participate to this series, send me an email at with the following information :
– your name and location
– title of photograph (if any + equipment used)
– one of your favorite picture  (max width of 1280 pixels, you obviously retain all copyrights to your pictures)
– answers to the above questions .
– any links to your work (website, Flickr, Facebook, …)

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