Sho(r)t Stories #10 : Darran Roper

This week, we head North to Reading, England, to discover this sho(r)t story by Darran Roper. (click on picture for high res)

darranroperfavNikon D90 with 18-200mm

Short story

This shot was taken in the summer whilst out with my family. The picture shows a scene on the grounds of a stately home in England. The sun had broken through the clouds, the rays were piercing the leaves of the trees. The light and the shade seemed to be dancing on a very light breeze. That was a wake up call to disengage from conversation and feel the moment.  I looked immediately to my left and took this photo before the scene dissolved into the throwing of sticks and the normal chaotic antics of children.

Why is this one of your favourite pictures?

Sometimes everything is just right, and you just have to release the shutter. Unfortunately that rarely happens to me. But on this occasion, the scene just needed to be taken. Luckily I was on the prowl and got it. I like the peacefulness of the scene. It has a romantic painting feel to it, that subtly endears the composition.

Which equipment did you use?

I was using my D90, I customarily only use 35mm, but on this occasion I had an 18-200mm lens on.

Tell us about your photography

Over the past couple of years I have become more of a street type photographer. I always have a camera, and try to see the different, as much as I am able. There is so much to convey in a photo, I want to become a story teller if that makes sense, and to nurture a style that is personal and natural.

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