Sho(r)t Stories #6 : Joeri van der Kloet

This week's short story took place in Santiago, let's discover all about this shot by Joeri from the Netherlands.
Leica M9 with 35mm Summicron

What is the Sho(r)t Story?

We were walking through Santiago as a part of our 4-month honeymoon. We were jetlagged and very groggy. Santiago turned out to be a very nice city for street photography though and the more we walked, the more pictures I took. Suddenly I saw a little girl across the street, sitting with her dog, wearing pink Croc-shoes and the dog had a leash in the same colour. Her friend, or brother, was playing with the dog, whereas the girl didn't seem to care. When I hit the shutter the dog made a move and the boy jumped away. I think it was the perfect moment.
Why is this one of your favorite pictures ?

Because I can keep looking at it and it will never be boring. Also the simplicity of the picture is something I like. It is just a snapshot but it seems you are actually there. There are no tricks, no extreme tele or wide angle, it is just a picture. It also leaves something to wonder: what is the boy thinking? And why is the girl not playing along? Another thing I like is the blur where the action is. My eye is drawn to the girl first, then the dog and finally the boy.
Which equipment did you use, and any technical considerations?
I used my Leica M9, or M9P, I'm not sure. The lens was my 35 summicron, one of my favourites, because of the rendering, the lightness and compactness. The shutterspeed was 1/180th which results in the blur in the boy and the dog. I processed the raw file in Lightroom and cropped a very little bit.
Tell us about you and your photography?

I am a documentary -wedding- photographer and writer from Holland. Street photography is pure fun for me and I always approach my assignments as if they were street photographic assignments. If you can work that way, weddings are just a thrill to do and with a rangefinder it will even make for a more exciting job.
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