Lake of dreams – my latest reportage in Sawasdee

If you fly with Thai Airways this month, you will discover my latest reportage on the inflight magazine, Sawasdee. It is called "Lake of dreams" and consist of a gallery of images taken in October around Lake Geneva. Unusually, I only shot in B&W since I thought it fitted well the mood of Autumn around the lake. All the pictures were taken with the Leica X1 which proved an amazing camera for this kind of photography. And by the way, all pictures are street photographs, though maybe a bit more contemplative than what I usually do.

Unluckily, the December digital issue is still not up on Thai Airways website, but I'll provide the link when it is. Meanwhile, if you do somehow plan to fly Thai Airways over the coming days, I hope you'll enjoy the pictures.

Below is a scan of the first two pages of this publication. (click on picture for high res)

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