Weekly poll #7 : How many lenses do you take on a street photography outing ?

So you are about to go out in the street and shoot, time to grab a camera and a few lenses. How many do you typically take along ?

Evidently, cameras with non interchangeable optical systems (fixed focal or zoom) count as one.


I took a 35mm and 60mm lens kit last week to Venice, it basically allowed me to get the wide or tele looks (such as the shot below taken with the 60mm Hexanon).

As for the previous poll “Which street photography book would you take on a trip?” (126 voters), it was not a surprise to see Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive moment top the list with 37% of the votes. In second place, Robert Franck’s The Americans was the favorite of 27% of the respondants.

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