Poll : Is it ok to correct lens distortion in a street photograph ?

Any street photographer that uses extensively wide angles lenses has to deal with distortion. Be it vertical, horizontal or barrel shaped, the forms of depicted elements will start to converge or diverge. Ultimately, the scene your experienced will be rendered in a different way than your initial vision**. While an unalterable attribute of film days, digital technology now allows photographers to easily correct distortion, with all the ethical dilemma it might generate.

What is your opinion, is it ok to correct lens distortion in a street photograph ?  (Poll is closed)


** this statement is partly true. Our eyes physically see in a distorted way (it is also an optical formula) yet our brain corrects for it. In other words, the picture below shows a distorted church and so did my eyes when I experienced the scene. Nevertheless, my brain overwrote the signal received from the eyes and transformed it to "this church has straight lines". Amazing, isn't it ?

The preach in Le Marais – Leica M9 with 21mm CV Voigtlander. Good words all converge to the sky, right ?

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