10 symptoms of click addiction

Click addiction : To take pictures when nothing of interest happens.

1) Your index finger has become L shaped. (and your thumb too since you got an Iphone)
2) You usually take 15 pictures of each scene, and hope the decisive moment is somewhere in the burst.
3) Your girlfriend has just dumped you. She got tired of you checking out that beautiful Japanese girl in her back, a so called "Bokeh".

Evolution cannot be stopped. Our kids will have L shaped index fingers.

4) You start shooting people "walking", "sitting", or "lost in their thoughts". And dogs too.
5) You have been drinking a lot of tea lately when returning from an outing. (waiting for your computer to download the 522 pictures you have just shot)
6) You just returned from a shoot in downtown Peoria, Illinois, with 1698 pictures.
7) You take you camera to the toilets, and practice focus technique on the paper rolls.

Shooting books is usually a symptom of click addiction. Yet, in this case, the subject is safe since the book is not located on a shelf at home.

8) You buy 1 Tetra-bytes external drives every month.
9) You snap some pictures before going to sleep. The "Bokeh" behind your feet is just so gorgeous. (and your new girlfriend slaps you)
10) The next morning, you frantically click on your alarm clock's snooze button, and expect a picture to appear on the LED screen.

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