Four years later … Street photography in Paris is back

If you remember the picture below, that probably means you have been following this blog since its launch. I am sure there must be only a handful of you since the website started in pure anonymity. This picture was part of the third post on my then newly created "Street Photography in Paris" site.  The blog lasted for more than two years, this until we embarked on our 80 weeks around the world journey. This website is once more due for a change since our life will take a new turn in Argentina this coming fall. I am already thinking on the future concept and have started making changes to the layout.

Yet, this is the future. Until then, we head tomorrow to Paris for a month where we will live in a small studio on the Ile de Saint-Louis. There is no better place to experiment Paris and shoot it.  So I thought I would revive the spirit of "Street Photography in Paris" during our stay. One daily picture, a few lines, that's it. (click on picture for high res)

Epson R-D1 with 28mm Ultron at F2.0, 1 sec, ISO1600

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