Cloning in Cochin

A reader asked me a few days ago whether techniques such as cloning or cropping are ok in street photography ? Good question and sincerely, I have no clear opinion on this subject.

Cloning should probably be a no go, especially when adding or removing important elements of a picture. Yet at the same time, I do sometimes use the cloning tool to remove dust and grease stains that are generated by my sensor. Not really my fault (and cannot clean it every day), so I guess it is ok to remove something generated by your camera and not the flow of life.

As for cropping, I think it is acceptable if one feels the final result represents well his own vision of a scene. I rarely crop and the few times I do it is to correct a bent horizon line. I have tried extensive cropping but always feel uncomfortable with it since I feel the picture no longer represent what I saw in the viewfinder. Still, it is the end result that matters not the mean so If the picture ends up great cropped, congrats to his author.

Anyways, I guess we all have different approaches to it and no rules are carved in stone in street photography. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts on this in the comment sections.

As for today's shot, taken in Cochin, let's say this is the only time you'll ever see that from me … (click on picture for high res)


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