What’s next for us ?

It has been four days since we got back to Europe and it is already time to think about our next steps. Since many of you asked, here are our future plans :

July : Switzerland

This is the best time to here as the weather is usually very pleasing. It is also the time of the music festivals (Montreux Jazz), the baths in the lakes and the long summer nights. i'll also work on the trip's pictures editing and do a small revamp of my website during our stay here.

August : Paris

We will head back to our dear Paris for a month. I plan to do a lot of shooting there since 90% of the pictures I sell through my website and Getty are Paris related. I also need more pictures to complete a book I have had on hold for quite a time. And finally, Paris is absolutely great in summer time. well, in any season I guess.

October : Moving to Argentina

Rosario, Argentina will be our new home for the next few years. There is a lot of paperwork between now and then so I am not sure when this will exactly happen. I obviously intent to maintain this website and keep on shooting while there. Buenos Aires is only 3 hours South of Rosario so I also hope the shoot a lot in that wonderful city.

Meanwhile, we took a walkin my hometown of 6'000 inhabitants this morning. I thought there wouldn't be much too shoot but still came back with a dozen pictures. I guess that after 12 months running around the world, I got new fresh eyes to look at my own country.  (click on picture for high res)

Leica M9 with 24mm Elmarit at F4.0, 1/750, ISO160

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