My photographic life is about to become complex again …

After shooting around the world with one body and lens for a full year, it seems that things are getting complicated again….

Sometimes I feel like I should sell everything and stick with a basic kit. But then, I enjoy these cameras and lenses and never shoot in the streets with more then one body and a couple of lenses. Also, there are a few projects I have been thinking about to experiment new avenues : 

– one year with a 24mm lens on full frame.

– one year with the 60mm Hexanon, wide open only.

We will see, but for now I am definitely happy to get to shoot with the 60mm Hexanon again. And that Epson R-D1 1:1 viewfinder is so gorgeous, and that Jupiter 9 bokeh is so luxurious, and ……  life is complicated isn't it ?

Taken with Nokia N8

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