About my Facebook page

All of us have different ways to follow the websites we enjoy. Nowadays, the offer is very extensive, be it through Flickr, Google+, Twitter, RSS or by directly visiting the site. I guess they all provide differents option in terms of functionality and privacy level. I chose to use my website as main communication platform, this is the only place where you'll find the full articles and pictures. Yet I also do use Facebook a lot, and sometimes post a picture, polls or information that you won't find here.

If this is of any interest to you, please visit my Facebook page. By clicking on the Like button, you'll ensure you'll get all my updates in your stream. It is by no way a "friends" relationship, meaning I won't see your private postings nor will you see mine. As an example, the picture below was intented to be a Facebook only content with some personal impressions. Today I'll post the picture here, yet to read the corresponding comment, you would have to read my facebook post 😉  

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