Trip update : on our way to India

We are back to Bangkok from Myanmar and tomorrow we fly out to India. Hard to believe but we are already entering the last 4 months of our trip. It will be all devoted to India, one of the most fantastic place for street photography. This being said, we will start by a whole month in the city of Puna. Time to rest a little and get a good feel of the daily life of a city of India. It will also give me more time to work on this site, write and work on a few projects.

Note that I intend to keep on posting pictures from Myanmar over the next week or so. This country was so fascinating and I think I still have a few good series to show. Let me also thank all of you that have emailed or commented over the last couple of weeks. I’ll catch up with all communication over the next week.

As for today’s picture, I guess it best translates the current transition between Myanmar and India. (click on picture for high res)

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