Your favorite 2011 picture #19 : Aline Beney

New York will be our destination once again, this time seen through the eyes of Aline Beney from Switzerland with this shot taken in April.  (click on picture for high res)

iPhone 4, app. HIPSTAMATIC, lens JOHN S, Film Blanko.

This is what Aline wrote about her picture :

I was for one week with a friend in NY with my big NIKON D70s. But imagine two girls shopping in NY means no space in the bag for a big camera. So I realise that an iPhone can also take interesting souvenir pictures (I'm not a street photographer but Yanidel is giving me inspiration). I like this picture because I find it dinamique and very representative of the New York atmosphere I just bought the Fuji X10 so I'm happy to have a good camera for street pictures but still space in my bag for shopping ! Thank Yanidel for sharing your fantastic blog with us.

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