Your favorite 2011 picture #11 : Sergey Shakarian

Let’s discover a film photography today, taken in August in LA by Sergey Shakarian.

Leica M6 and 50mm Summicron on Fuji Neopan 400 @400 and developed with DDX

This is what Sergey wrote about his shot :

I took this photo on a second G+ photowalk in Venice Beach in Los Angeles, CA at the end of August 2011. I had only brought 2 rolls of film for entire walk and only shot 1 – 24 exposure roll. We were walking towards a corner and the light turned red. I was actually intending to take the photo of the blond womans on the left side back when the Meryl Streep look alike turned around. I quickly pressed the shutter, then the light turned green and we were on our way. I did not realize how much she actually looked like young Meryl until someone else mentioned it to me. So there an accidental photo.

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