Your favorite 2011 picture #8 : Jerome Arfouche

Let’s go back to the US East coast today and have a look at this Boston shot taken by Jerome Arfouche from Canada in May.

Leica M7 + 35mm Summicron ASPH + Fuji Neopan 1600

Here is what Jerome wrote about it :

“I started shooting a few years ago, on my way downtown every day, but I rarely got the chance to travel, something I very much enjoy. After a while I felt my town was getting a bit smaller, luckily I was able to escape for a couple of weeks this spring and travel in the US, visiting friends along the way.
That was my last day in Boston before I continued my journey to the west coast of the US. My friend and host was busy that day so I had the day to myself, and I was looking for a place to eat after the long morning walk. As I went in, I sat by the window, almost without thinking, by reflex. It was a bit late for lunch and outside, people were making their way back to work. I took a few other shots but I like this one best because I felt it really shows the feeling I got from the city, that busy, cold spring week.

My photographic “style” draws from the documentary genre and cinematography, but with a strong emphasis on aesthetics. I like to show the mystery of the city and to imagine what kinds of stories could be going on in those small quick situations we capture.”

To discover more about Jerome’s work, please visit these links :


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