Fuji X10 : A portrait

With some time at the out of nowhere caravan park where we are staying tonight, I decided to shoot a few portraits at sunset. I have to say that I am lucky guy since I always have a wonderful model next to me.

After playing around with the gimmick portrait modes, I just went manual and set the lens at 112mm and F2.8. The colors are a bit over saturated since I used the Velvia “film” mode.  I really can’t wait for Lightroom to include the X10 to its list of supported cameras. Using JPG is driving me crazy.

Note that I have set the sharpening and noise reduction sliders to very low in the camera settings. I then sharpened slightly in Lightroom.

Now, sincerely, if I had told you that this shot was taken with the M8 and a 75mm lens, would you have fallen in the trick ? (click on picture for high res)

Fuji X10 at 112mm, F2.8, 1/900, ISO100

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