Between volcanoes and lakes

We went on a tour today in the Otovalo region, between volcans and lakes. Here are a few moments of this trip.

8am, we leave Quito. A two hours drive on curly roads will bring us to the Otovalo region. We cross the middle of the world (the Equator line) and soon, volcanos can be spotted in the distance.

We stop by a lake. Not a soul on this windy day, except for a few kids contemplating the waves.

As we hit the road again, scenes from other times appear out of our windows. Sheperds take their cows to greener pastures.

So do they with their sheep.

And soon we reach Ecuador’s largest and most typical market in Otovalo.

We meet Lolita, a sympathetic merchant to who we promess to send this picture once we return home.

Lunch will take place on the shores of a lake. This one is located within a volcano. The scenery is stunning.

It is already time to head back. My eyes will open again only once the first neighbourhoods of Quito can be seen.

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