Poll#13  Ads, billboards, street art, … ok in street photography

                     Using someone’s else work ?

                     Do you always lighten it up when shooting in the street ?
                     ISO100 or always at 800 ?
                     Are you a lonesome soul or do you need people around you ?
                    Daily or weekend shooter ?
              Do you load film or a memory card in your camera
                    A lone lens or do you grab your full line up to hit the streets ?
                    HCB, Winogrand, Arbus, … which book would you take to Kazakhstan ?
                    B&W or colors, how do you see the world ?
                    24, 28, 50mm,or  …. ?
                    Manual or zone ?
                    Leica, Canon, Holga, …. ?
                  Adjust in post-processing or leave as is ?