Camera : Leica M9 rangefinder camera

I believe that rangefinders are the best tool for street photography, though any camera will perfectly suit if you master it. In my opinion, the manual focus, the framelines system, the unobstrusiveness and the small size of the Leica M’s make it the best choice for street photography. Even if an eight years old technology, the images of the Leica M9 at base ISO are simply stunning due to its wonderful CCD sensor.


Lens 1 : 35mm F1.4 Leica Summilux Asph (Version I)

A contrasty lens with a gorgeous look wide open. It weights only 320 grams for a length of 46mm and forms a well balanced combo with the Leica M9. It boasts a state of the art performance at all F stops together with a great balance of clarity and contrast. The one lens to own for a lifetime.


Lens 2 : 75mm Leica Summicron Asph

I like to have an option for situation where I simply cannot physically get close enough. The 75mm Summicron also is a great tool for scenes where compression of various planes is desired. Finally, it can also serve as a great portrait lens. All in all, a very versatile lens with a stellar perfomance in a small package.  M-LENS-2-TECHNICAL-DETAILS__99625_teaser-480x320

I do like to experiment with lenses and sometimes use the Leica 24mm Elmarit (when in need to break a little the routine). Yet this 2 lens system is very portable and covers 99% of my needs in terms of framing

3 original Leica M8/9 batteries – stay out of third party suppliers, I only had bad experiences with their products.

1 x 46mm and 1 x 49mm UV filter for lens protection.

Post processing

I use exclusively Adobe Lightroom  which provides a great balance between functionalities and time invested to come up with satisfactory results. I process all my pictures on a Dell XPS 15 with 4k screen, I am amazed everyday of how wondeful the pictures are rendered on that screen.

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