This weekly column looks at the pictures submitted by readers and aims at providing a short “critique”. Indeed the pictures will be methodically analyzed in terms of composition, aesthetics, and finally, meaning/mood/feeling. The elements outlined in these three sections will then be combined to come up with a final opinion on the shot. To discover some previous critiques, click here.

Interested to have you shot go through this critique exercise ? Here are the instructions on how to submit:

– send a picture of a minimum width of 1280 pixels and no more than 1 MB size to . Obviously, you’ll retain all copyright of your pictures, I will only use it once to illustrate the corresponding critique.

– add your name, location, the picture’s title, and any link to the portfolio/website that you would like showcased.

– if possible, add info on the camera / lens / exif. Please do not mention any information on the background and location of shot, let’s see if the shot speaks by itself first. You might nevertheless add it to the comments section after the critique is published.

– all pictures must be street photographs, involving strangers and unstaged. No portraits, flowers or cats shots will be reviewed. To make it interesting, send pictures where you are not sure whether the shot works or not in its initial intend. Submitting your best memorabilia is not the goal of this excercise.

– and above all, be ready for a sincere output, be it positive or not. I won’t be harsh but if the shot fails in some of its components, I will tell you so. If I feel it is great, I will also tell you so 😉 Readers are also encouraged to give their own opinion in the comments section, again please do it in a constructive manner.

Note that I am not a professional art critique. I will just give you one opinion which in no way will determine whether  a given shot is a good one or not. Taste is highly subjective, and so is the interpretation of street photography shots. The end goal of this column is to provide hindsight on how one might read a picture and a general sharing and learning experience to all readers interested in street photography.

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