“Little Crimes of Paris” is a series of  two pages crime stories, that is associations of apparently unrelated candids taken over a three years period. In the respect of the street photography tradition, all scenes depicted are unstaged, unplanned and of unknown people. Like the blog itself, the book has a high touch of surrealism and lyricism. Obviously, all depicted crimes are fictious, and I am sure that they’ll put your imagination at work.

All pictures have been carefully re-processed and adapted for printing on the book’s 25 x 20 cm (10″x 8″) format.  Note that two versions of the book are available, that is on regular and premium paper. Blurb also allows you to select the type of cover, that is soft or hard. I recommend the premium paper + hard cover version, yet the lower cost regular paper is also of good quality. You can preview the 20 first pages in the widget below.

For the regular paper version (80 pages, starts at €23.95, $28.45), click here or through the preview below.

For the premium paper version (starts at €27.24, $32.34), click here.

Note that Blurb handles payment, printing and shipping. I have ordered several times from them and have been very satisfied with the quality of their products. Also, in case of defects or bad quality of a print, Blurb will either offer you a return or reprint.

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