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The shop owners

If this clothing shop had three owners, could you guess how the other two would [...]

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Between zebras and cheetahs

For once, the zebra does actually look like the dangerous one. Watch out of that [...]

Taro in Paris

When a dog from overseas is lucky enough to travel all the way to Paris, [...]

Cooks day dreaming

Dreaming of the perfect Crème brûlée or a gourmet Coq au vin, two cooks take [...]


Checking out the girls

On the famous Avenue de Rivoli, the store fronts will make one dream. (click on [...]

Mirror mirror

Tell me who’s got the most beautiful smile ? (click on picture for high res) [...]


A cold Autumn afternoon

A cold wind hit Paris today. There is no better weather to put on a [...]

An air of Amelie

… under the sweet music of rain.  (click on picture for high res) Leica M9 [...]


La Bastille, 7am

Leica M9 with 35mm Lux Asph at F1.4, 1/60, ISO160 [...]

Ladies shadows

On the Pont-Neuf, early in the morning, engraved faces of gods smile as they discreetly [...]