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The waiter’s break

Leaving the day long strangers stories behind for a few minutes, the waiter reconnects to [...]

Hey Taxi

On a Saturday morning, it might get tough to grab a taxi in Rosario. At [...]


Sundays on the piers

By the Seine River, cars leave room to wanderers on Sundays.  (click on picture for [...]

In the back of the truck

Grab the truck, head to the Parana River, drink a mate at sunset, and who [...]

Last rays of the day

In La Bastille, the last rays of sun hit the terraces on a nice Spring [...]

A video on my exhibition at Paris CDG Airport

Want to know more about my exhibition at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport ? Here [...]


Petanque at les Tuileries

La pétanque is a team sports. Nevertheless, the one that throws the last ball is [...]

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Trocadero lovers

Best view over the Eiffel Tower and best place for a little flirt.  (click on [...]

Marathon de Paris

We were woken up this morning by the sound of music. Indeed, runners of the [...]

In Paris – Medor’s driving

So we made it to Paris and found a scene on our way to the [...]