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Before the Andes

Somewhere between Mendoza and San Rafael. (click on picture for high res) Leica M9 with [...]

La Pampa

I have returned from a 2500 kms road trip to Mendoza. To get there, one [...]

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Frozen in Mendoza

With temperature below zero celcius here in Mendoza, not many people remain in the streets [...]


When love knocks on the door …

…. even your most faithful friend is put aside.  (click on picture for high res) [...]

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San Juan

Our delayed road trip finally started. I am currently in the town of San Juan, [...]

Musical chairs

When the music stop, the last one doesn’t get the last laugh. (click on picture [...]

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Road trip

The East-West road from Rosario to Mendoza and a few thousands kilometers of road trip. [...]

The birthday cake

When time has come to blow out the candles of the birthday cake, all kids [...]


Ping Pong Blues

Table tennis or babyfoot, girls with play. But always with style. (click on picture for [...]

Buenos Aires through a car window

I have started this week a one month long period of travels in Argentina. Unluckily, [...]