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Idle gondoliers

November is definitely not the best month for gondoliers in Venice. They'll sometimes wait long [...]

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Sho(r)t Stories #1 : Aaron Greenman

As some of you might remember, last year's month of December was dedicated to readers' [...]


Around flooded San Marco

Here is a series of pictures I took around the San Marco Plazza the day [...]


There ain’t swimming dogs in Venice

… but somehow surprisingly, there is plenty of dogs in the cities' paved streets.  (click [...]


Weekly poll #8 : Film or digital for street photography ?

This week’s poll is as simple as it gets. Do you load your camera with [...]


The times of flirts

On the Rialto bridge, an old man slowly climbs the stairs leading to the San [...]

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The tough squads

Three years and 1000 kilometers separate these two pictures (Venice and Paris). Something are pretty [...]

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Rialto, 7am

Early morning, just before sunset. The Rialto bridge is still deserted, except for the brief [...]


Digital contact sheet #2 : Chasing the captain

This second “digital contact sheet” illustrates the spirit of the chase in street photography. As [...]

Under the leafless trees

In a working class neighbourhood of Venice, two teenagers spend some special time under leafless [...]